Marilyn Schaeffer Photographer

About Marilyn

My interest in photography began at the age of 10, when I was given a Brownie camera for my birthday. Over the years, I've taken pictures primarily of friends, events and travel, but nothing of a serious nature. It wasn't until I retired from my career as a criminal defense investigator, that I had time to pursue my dream.

I have an art minor from the University of Denver and have attended several photography workshops during the interim including the Ansel Adam's School in Yosemite. I began several years of study in 2005 in both film and digital photography at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA. and Solano Community College, Fairfield, CA.

My main interest is photographs of nature, landscapes, reflections and travel. I find my style to be primarily documentary, a carry over from my years as an investigator seeking all of the information. I rarely crop or manipulate my photos in any manner as I shoot what I capture in the viewfinder.

I hope the peace and serenity you find in my photos allow time for relaxation and reflection. Enjoy!